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Friday, April 25, 2008

Daniel's Graduation Trip

Our fourth child and second and youngest son graduated from the McEntire Institute Of Higher Learning a couple of weeks ago. Way back when we committed to taking the graduates on a two day trip the week after the ceremony.

Sara went to San Antonio and Fredericksburg
Caleb went to Austin
Olivia went to Galveston
Daniel also went to Galveston

They had the Titanic artifact exhibit at Moody Gardens. They have a flight museum with lots of old planes, especially war planes. All of them in working condition. A museum of the tallest sailing ship in Texas. The ship is meticulously maintained and is sea worthy. They have an offshore drilling museum. We rode the ferry. Played putt-putt golf. Ate at the Rainforest Cafe. We came home.

You can see pictures here!
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