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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life Is Being Lived

I have lots I want to write about but have been occupied with ministry and family concerns. Life is full, challenging, and interesting, and I am having fun living it, every day of it. I wouldn't want a life that was empty. The challenges are, well challenges, and I am always up to a good challenge. It is the interesting part that keeps me engaged. Rarely a dull moment.

I want to post some thoughts on self-image.
I want to post my message on the defense of holiness.
I want to post my message on the adorning of holiness.
I am thinking about the issue of offence. Which I have done often for several reasons (one of which is I am rarely satisfied with what I preach and teach on the subject and I have never been fully satisfied with what I have heard others preach and teach (write) on the subject) and the issue was rekindled by a couple of messages two of our men preached this past Sunday. They were thought provoking and have caused me to search the Scriptures which is a good thing.
I have read some things I want to post.

My oldest daughter had a baby a little over a month ago.
My youngest son graduated a couple of weeks ago.
I am still trying to adjust to a new bus route I was awarded a couple of months ago. I'm not sure awarded is the right word for it. The word challenge comes to mind on this front.

Just thought I would stop by before I became an utter stranger. Write at ya later ;-)
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