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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Twenty Six Years And Counting

There was a time when I thought that being married twenty-six years was a long time. This is no longer my assessment. Why, you ask? Because I have been married twenty-six years and it has not been a long time. Today my wife and I are remembering our wedding day twenty-six years ago (we will celebrate next week, Lord willing). I was nineteen and she was twenty-two.

We are now both much closer to 50 than 20. The years have been short but as I look back they have been full and there is no one with whom I would have rather spent them. In a day when multiple marriages or common law marriages is the norm I count it a blessing that God has preserved us in the covenant we made over two and half decades ago. The word divorce or separation has never been uttered in our home and by God's grace never will be. We come from diverse backgrounds. My wife was a Kansas girl; she is now a full blown Texan. I was born and raised in Texas. She was raised in a home that did not know the Lord; I was raised in an Independent Baptist home. She was saved at the age of, I believe 19. I repented and believed the gospel at the age of 7. When she was a senior in high school I was in eighth grade. She was raised around drinking, cursing, and smoking. I was not. Yet with such diverse backgrounds it becomes increasingly obvious that God brought us together to raise up a godly seed. From such diverse backgrounds we have and are becoming one. The process has been challenging at times but always worth the effort. My wife is my best friend.

The value of this woman to which I have been married for these last twenty six years can not be calculated. She stands head and shoulders above any other woman I know. She is not perfect she is just mostly perfect. She is becoming more perfect!

She has submitted even at times to very hard things
She does not speak evil of me
She has faithfully educated our six children
She has been willing to accept any sacrifice in order for me to pursue my calling
She does not disrespect me in public or private
She is a woman of immense strength
She is a woman of truth
She is a spiritual woman
She is a genuinely separated woman
She has been a steadfast and sound counselor to me and our children
She has a great sense of humor
She is diligent in the management of her time
She is a multi-talented craftswoman
She is a great conversationalist
She is mine!

At twenty six years we are experiencing another transition, the transition from raising children to being grandparents. It is a transition that has been in progress for several years now and from this point forward will probably accelerate. It is a transition that I am happy to be making with the woman I call Michele and introduce to others as my wife.

I am persuaded that with each passing anniversary we have more and more to celebrate. When the day comes in a few years and our last child has left the nest and I sit and look across the table at my wife I will be happier than ever that I said "will you" and she said "yes". I will then ask her what you want to do. And she will say, "Let's go to Salvation Army", and I will say "let's go."

Her Husband,

One who has obtained favor from the Lord

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