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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why Do You Live Like You Do?

Some one asked one of our children recently, "Why do you live the way you do?" This is a question we have been asked numerous times over the years. As I was thinking about this question once again, I was caused to think what a great question. Why do we live the way we do? Why go to the trouble? Why not just give in, go along, and not be so worked up about things.

Here is my answer. Because . . . . I want to stay happily married to the same woman and not just living in the same house, because…..I want my wife and I to be best friends, because ……… I don't want to end up in divorce court, because……I want to grow old together, because……..I don't want to be responsible for raising perverts, drug addicts, drunkards, and blasphemers, because………I don't want to raise kids that can't hold a marriage together, kids that can't or won't make their kids mind, because……I don't want to raise hypocrites, because I don't want to raise self-centered pleasure seekers, because……….I don't want to raise lazy, irresponsible, rebellious, arrogant, flesh-pleasers, because……..I don't want to raise well-to-do, spiritually bankrupt, worldlings.

Because…….I don't want to add to the problems but want to staunch the cultural blood-letting!

That is why I live like I do!

Why do you live like you do?!

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