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Monday, September 29, 2008

Kitchen Renovation

It truly has been a renovation. We started at the beginning of August and spent two solid weeks on the project and then several full days since then. This past Saturday we finished the last major piece of the puzzle when we put down the new flooring. There is still what is called in the construction business a "punch list" to address, but it is mostly done.

Our kitchen has needed attention since we move in. In recent years it has become a desperate situation. Our youngest son Daniel financed the operation. All of our children have been very giving in this regard once they started making money. We actually bought the sink and faucet about a year and half ago.

Finally we carved out a couple of weeks to tackle the project. The nature of the project was kind of refreshing for me. I have been around the construction/remodeling/roofing business most of my life. My Dad is a carpenter by trade as was his father. While I did not inherit the skill level of either of these two men, my gifts lay else where, I do enjoy the challenge. My dad built the cabinets, I helped and learned some things. One is that I will probably never attempt to build cabinets on my own. My two boys helped some as well as the girls in the family. Most of the rest of it I did myself. The girls did most of the painting, I do not like painting, even though it is amazing what a difference a coat of paint can make.

So, the kitchen is not perfect, the flaws are all my own. But even so, we are happy to have it. It is 1000 times, at least, better than what we had. And of course we made memories in the process which is a vital part of these kinds of projects. We will Lord willing enjoy it for many years to come.

Of course the project gave me an excellent excuse to buy some more tools and most guys are always looking for an excuse to spend money on tools.

I took pictures or had others do so for me all along the way. Those of you who visit my wife or daughters blogs have seen some pictures as the work was progressing. I decided to wait till the end, we are close enough, and then post them all on the Picasa web site. There are over two hundred pictures for those who may have an interest in seeing the transformation.

There are also a few pictures early on of a few grandkids in there, now how did that happen???

Oh, by the way did I mention I have a new granddaughter, Alisa Grace. Held her last night after church. I like her. She is the tiniest baby I have ever held.

Pictures are here.
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