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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Vacuum Of Leadership

The debate last night was as boring as it gets. The reason is that neither of these men are leaders. McCain probably use to be, Obama never has been. McCain has been in the Senate too long and developed an affinity for compromise. If I hear McCain say one more time how he is known for "reaching across the aisle" I think I am going to scream. Every time I hear him say this I have to remind myself why I am likely to vote for him. I feel quite certain I will not be happy with either man as President. I would simply be less happy with Obama.

Obama said health care was a "right". Well he is wrong! If he thinks health care is a right he is a dangerous man. When I listen to these debates I listen for elements of their answers that will give me insight into their philosophy of government and liberty. McCain does not totally have it right, Obama has it completely wrong. What else does he believe is a "right"? I would have followed that question up with, is owning a car a "right? What about being able to eat out occasionally? What about being able to take a yearly vacation? Is owning a home a "right". Considering his involvement in the sub-prime lending fiasco I think we know where he stands there. Of course his view is since it is a right and if you do not have the money to pay for it then government will pay for it. Of course he fails to tell us that government does not generate one penny of income. All government does is redistribute income. But this is a notion with which he is completely comfortable. So he "crows" about his willingness to increase the tax burden on those making over something like $225,000 a year. Well, I don't make anywhere near that but neither do I think those who do should have their tax burden increased in order to provide for the "rights" Obama seems to think everyone has. I say let them keep more of their money. Of course Biden his running mate thinks the definition of patriotism is paying more taxes. Try to tell that to the men who affixed their names to the bottom of the Declaration of Independence!

Most of the questions last night were sickening. A good number of them were basically, "In light of the present financial crisis what are you going to do for me?" I have a question for all the people who ask such questions, "What are you going to do for yourself?"

Senator McCain tries so hard to stay positive. Senator McCain a little advice, you have to beat Obama to become President. Go after him with all you've got. Don't lie about him, don't make stuff up, but press the issues. His judgment, his associations, his votes and statements taken in context should be enough to consign him to the trash heap of would be Presidents. Senator McCain please send him there. If you are the old soldier then please set aside you senatorial robes take up arms and defeat this man for the good of the country. Senator McCain in your own words put "country first."

Another idea that would shake things up considerably and be fun to watch and could possibly ensure a win in November is for you to announce that you are sending Governor Palin to the next debate. This would reveal her competence, highlight his incompetence, the American people like her, and she is a better debater than you.

I will be casting my vote against Obama!

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