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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barak Obama - My President

I am an American! The American people made their voices heard this past Tuesday and elected Obama as our President. He is my President. He was not my choice, but he is my President. I have some fundamental differences with President-elect Obama nevertheless I hope God uses him to be an instrument of blessing to our nation. I will not agree with him just because he is President and will be vocal in my opposition if he attempts to lead the country in a direction that I am convinced will be detrimental to our survival as a Republic, what little is left of our Republic. We are slowly degenerating into a absolute democracy, which one of the founders defined as "mobocracy".

I am a political junkie and enjoy the political discourse, and the discussion of political philosophy. At the same time I realize it is not simply a subject to "enjoy" but it matters. It matters now and in the long run.

My choice for President lost for, I believe, several reasons. The political climate the past three years has been very hostile to Republicans and I might add for very good reason. When the Republicans were in the majority they governed like the minority party?? The economy is apparently bad for many people. This is always bad for the party in power. George Bush has very low approval ratings. This led to everyone, including McCain, running against Bush. I think this is an unfortunate turn of events. I certainly did not agree with President Bush on every thing but I am convinced that he has been a very good President. It is too bad that he had so very few defenders. I am inclined to think that history will be more kind to him.

My choice for President was doomed from the start. I always held out hope but it was with a sense of skepticism. The Republican field during the primary was not very impressive. I hope it improves for 2012. The field was so weak in fact that a man won the nomination who was not a true blue conservative. I read just yesterday that McCain was discussing with his advisers what his future role in the Senate would be. They were talking about ways they could work with Obama. I'm not necessarily against that. One of his top advisers said that some of McCain's best work has been with Democrats. This is exactly the problem. Instead of looking for ways to advance the conservative agenda he is always looking for ways to compromise with a Feinstein or a Kennedy. Then he expects conservatives to be excited about his campaign. It did not happen. Yet even with all of that he still had the opportunity to win.

He lost Indiana, Ohio, Virgina, and Florida by the narrowest of margins even though in most of these states like the rest of the "swing states" Obama outspent him almost 3 to 1. Had they had equal amounts of money to spend the outcome may have been different. But even if McCain had not opted for public financing he probably could not have raised the kind of money that Obama did, thus the outcome would have been likely the same, maybe a little closer.

McCain is not a good teacher. He is not an effective communicator of conservative values. Most people when they are instructed in the difference between socialistic principles and the principles of self-reliance easily see the moral deficiency of socialistic policies. This is why the "Joe the plumber" incident caused such a stir, and a fair amount of grief for Joe. Obama clearly stated his view that to "spread the wealth" was a virtue and Biden indicated that paying higher taxes was patriotic and I heard another democratic politician (I didn't catch his name) saying that Republicans hold to the simplistic notion that people should get to keep what they make.

We needed someone to instruct the people who are so easily convinced to stick it to the big companies that when companies have their taxes raised they will pass on the increase to the consumer. When the federal government raises the minimum wage the company will pass the increase on to the consumer. People bemoan the rich. The rich is also the investment class. They are the ones who have money to invest, money to put at risk. It is only right that if their investments pay off that they receive benefit from the willingness to put their money at risk. When they pay higher taxes they have less money to invest in the private sector. All McCain could seem to eke out is that he was opposed to "ear marks". Obama effectively dealt with that by showing that "ear marks" were an infinitesimal percentage of the national budget. Deal with the "ear marks"? Yes! But there are larger issues than "ear marks" and the American people were not given the benefit of an articulate and persuasive crusader for conservative principles.

Also McCain shied away from the cultural issues. He did so at his own peril. Obama was so vulnerable on the issue of abortion. His record is so extreme on the issue that it would be frightful to all but the most ardent abortion proponents. Of course at the Saddleback forum he skirted the issue by saying that it was above his pay grade. McCain missed a golden opportunity to exploit Obama on an issue that remains relevant to this day. McCain should have pressed home the issue of gay marriage. Politicians are so afraid to address this issue head on. You would think that the sodomites were a very influential bloc of voters. They are loud but not really that influential except maybe in San Francisco. Even the citizens of California voted against gay marriage. Republicans should not shy away from issues of morality. The American people are with us on most of these issues.

1 Timothy 2:14 - I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

I am happy to report that Texas went for McCain 56% to 43% and my county (Brazoria - where Texas began) went for McCain 64% to 34%.

God Bless America!
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