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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Can you see the birds?

The first is a picture of a great horned owl. It started much closer to us but when we backed up to take a picture, just as we were ready to click it flew to this tree. Rats........

The second is an American bittern. A winter visitor that is very shy. This bird also started very close. We saw it fly up and then spotted it here a little further from the road. had it stayed in place we probably would have driven right by it.

Lydia and I went to the San Benard National Wildlife Refuge this past Saturday. The Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge was inundated with four feet of ocean when Hurricane Ike came through. Consequently all the fresh water ponds and water now have a very high salt content and consequently there are not many birds there. I was there on Thursday driving a school bus for a field trip.
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