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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Speak Plainly

I am occasionally reading a few pages in a book entitled The Saint's Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter. I had seen the book recommended in several places and found a copy that was published in Philadelphia in 1870. I came across this copy in an antique store in Hutchinson, Kansas a few years ago.

I was reading a few pages this morning and wanted to share with you a portion of what I read. This excerpt is from a chapter entitled, The Duty Of The People Of God To Excite Others To Seek This Rest. Baxter's second point in this chapter is, "We must take every opportunity that we possibly can to instruct them how to attain salvation."

The following is under this heading;

"Do it with all possible plainness and faithfulness. Do not make their sins less than they are, nor encourage them in a false hope. If you see the case is dangerous, speak plainly. 'Neighbor, I am afraid God has not yet renewed your soul; I fear you are not yet recovered from the power of Satan to God; I fear you have not chosen Christ above all, nor unfeignedly taken him for your sovereign Lord. If you had, surely you durst not so easily disobey him, nor neglect his worship in your family and in public; you could not so eagerly follow the world, and talk of nothing but the things of the world. If you were 'in Christ' you would be 'a new creature; old things' would be 'passed away, and all things' would ' become new.' You would have new thoughts, new conversation, new company, new endeavours, and a new life. Certainly without these you can never be saved; your may think otherwise, and hope otherwise as long as you will but your hopes will all deceive you, and perish with you.' Thus must you deal faithfully with men, if ever you intend to do them good."
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