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Friday, August 14, 2009

Old Farmer's Almanac

Some time back my wife picked up a paperback book with excerpts out of the Old Farmer's Almanac. It is quite interesting reading. There is a section on Poetry and Anecdotes. I was doing some reading in it yesterday and came across this very true exhortation concerning Christian courtesy.

"Every man has his faults, his failings, his peculiarities. Every one of us finds himself crossed by such failings of others from hour to hour; and if he were to resent them all, or even notice all, life would be intolerable. If for every outburst of hasty temper, and for every rudeness that wounds us in our daily path, we were to demand an apology, require an explanation or resent it by retaliation, daily intercourse would be impossible. The very science of social life consists in that gliding tact, which avoids contact with the sharp angularities of character, which does not argue about such things, which does not seek to adjust or cure them all, but covers them as if it did not see. So a Christian spirit throws a cloak of love over these things. It knows when it is wise not to see. That microscopic distinctness in which all faults appear to captious men, who are forever blaming, dissenting, complaining, disappears in the large, calm gaze of love. And it is this spirit which our Christian society lacks, and which we shall never get until each one begins with his own heart."

Good and Godly advice from an old almanac; cir. 1870.
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