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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Abstract Art

I am reading a book on Texas history. Last night I was reading in the time period of WWI and their was several paragraphs concerning Georgia O'Keffe. She was an instructor of art, fashion, and interior decoration at West Texas Normal College in Canyon. The faculty there held her in suspicion because her abstract expressionist paintings did not appear to actually represent anything. Her landlord, a physics professor, once asked her what the subject was of one of her paintings.  She replied that it was Palo Duro Canyon.  "It doesn't look like the canyon to me."  "It's how I feel about the canyon."  "Well, you must have had a stomachache when you painted it."

That is exactly how I feel about expressionist art?  Paint me a picture of something or someone I can appreciate that.  Just my opinon.....

The excerpt is from the book entitled, Passionate Nation: The Epic History Of Texas
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