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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is Jimmy Carter A Racist? Just Asking?

Is it just me or does anyone else just wish Jimmy Carter would be content building houses and otherwise be quiet.  I can admire his work with Habitat for Humanity.  I despise his policy positions.  And I am old enought to remember his time as President, not good.  In fact it was probably his presidency that set the stage for 20 out of the next 28 years a Republican living in the White House.

He is talking again this time accusing Represenative Wilson from South Carolina of being a racist because he called President Obama a liar from the floor of the house chamber.  It could be that Wilson is a racist, I don't know him.  It could be that Carter is and he is trying to cover his tracks by labling others as a racist.  You say that is absurd, is it any more absurd that saying Wilson is because he called Obama a liar?  In fact it may be more logical to argue he is a racist because he is from South Carolina.  But then of course Carter is from Georgia that line of reasoning might backfire.

Listen we can disgree about whether what Wilson did was appropriate or not but to say he is racist for doing so, come on.........  Are there racist in this country?  No doubt.  I am thinking if a person is truly a racist no one has to say so, every one will realize it and that person will find his circle of friends and influence ever shrinking into the tidewaters of his own skin shade, ethenicity, and cultural background.

It is not only those with the least melanin in their skin tone that are racist.  Yes, this country has racist and we find them among all shades of people, red and yellow, black and white.  I believe they are the small minority and easily identified.  Sometimes I wonder if those who are the quickest to point out the racist among us remember they have three fingers pointing back at themselves.

The term has lost all meaning because it has become a tool in the hand of the weak-minded to stigmatize people who don't agree with them or are doing things they don't like.

I don't care for Obama one bit and it does not have a thing to do with the fact that he has more melanin than I do.  It has everything to do with:

He is for Abortion and radically so
He is for redistributing the wealth (remember Joe the plumber)
He is continually apologizing for the United States, stop it please!
He is for bigger government
He has been closely associated with ACORN
He is soft on terrorism and those that want to destroy us
He wants to insure everyone and cut the same time???  If that is not a lie then he is delusional.....

It doesn't matter what shade these things come in, I don't like them.

Oh, yea, and back to where I started.  Please former President Carter Be Quiet!
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