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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Saint's Everlasting Rest

The above book title I have been familiar with for several years.  Several of Spurgeon's messages that I have read has made reference to the above book.  It was written by Richard Baxter who was a 17th century Puritan in England.  Several years ago I was in an antique store in central Kansas and was looking through the books and saw a book with the title, Baxter's Saint's Rest.  I wondered if it could be the book and when I looked to the title page discovered that it was.  My particular copy was printed in Philadelphia in 1870.  It is not a book that I have sat down to read, but one that I keep handy and read in ocassionally.  I am on page 383 out of 522 pages.  I have been reading in this volume more regularly for the past couple of weeks.

This morning several passages caught my attention.  I thought I would offer them here for your perusal.

"If your judgment once prefer the delights of the flesh before the delights of the presence of God, it is impossible your heart should be in heaven.  As it is ignorance of the emptiness of things below that makes men so overvalue them; so it is ignorance of the high delights above which is the cause that men so little mind them."

"And O the sinful folly of many of the saints, who drench their spirits in continual sadness, and waste their days in complaints and groans, and so make themselves, both in body and mind, unfit for this sweet and heavenly work!  Instead of joining with the people of God in his praises, they are questioning their worthiness and studying their miseries; and so rob God of his glory and themselves of their consolation."

"Most men are slaves to their appetite, and can scarcely deny anything to their flesh, and are therefore willingly carried by it to their sports, or profits, or vain companions, when they should raise their minds to God and heaven."
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