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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pray Without Ceasing

The following is from J. R. Miller's Prayer In The Christian Life, (1903)

"It is well for us to learn this lesson--to take everything to God in prayer, to pray as we go from task to task. We may form the habit of putting up little 'sentence prayers' continually.  When you feel an inclination to speak bitterly, or to answer sharply; when you have been stung by another's speech or act; when you are tempted to refuse a request for help, to do some selfish thing, to pass by a human need, to speak an untruth--lift up your heart in the prayer, "Jesus, help me to do Your will."  Or if you meet a sudden temptation and are in danger of being swept away, look up and cry, "Jesus, save me!"  We do not know what we miss--by leaving God out of so much of our life!

We often wonder . . .
why we fail,
why so little comes of our efforts,
why we do not get along better with people,
why we are not happy,
why joy is so lacking in our experience,
why we are so easily fretted and vexed,
why we are so discontented,
why we fall so easily into surliness and bad temper.
       It is because we cease to pray!

Life is not easy for any of us.  We can live nobly, purely, Christly--only by being much with Christ!  We will rob ourselves of Divine blessing, of beauty of character, of power in service--if we fail to make room in all our busy days--for quiet retreats from the noise and strife, where we may sit at Christ's feet--to hear His words, and lie on His bosom that we may absorb His spirit, to prepare us for the toil of the day!"
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