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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Somebody Hath Touched Me

These are words that were spoken by Jesus in Luke 8:46.  They are striking words.  Many people had touched Jesus and Jesus had touched many people.

The context in which these words are found makes them all the more worthy of our attention.  Jesus had been approached by one Jairus.  Jairus had a lone daughter that "lay a dying".  Jairus had come to the right place.  Jesus is always the right place.

As Jesus made his way toward Jairus' house the bible tells us that the people thronged him.  "Thronged" comes from a Greek word that is translated "choke" four times in the New Testament.  The only other time it is used is in this passage.  The people were literally pressing in all around him.

The Bible then informs us that in the midst of this pressing crowd that a woman who had an issue of blood came behind him and touched the hem of his garment.  The effect upon the woman was that she was immediately healed.

It is the touch of this woman that was the ocassion of Jesus speaking the words, "Somebody hath touched me".  The disciples give voice to our own thoughts had we been there.  "Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?"

Everyone was touching him, but no one else had touched him like the woman with the issue of blood.  Their touch was casual, her touch was with purpose.  Their touch was a product of circumstances, her touch was a product of faith.  Their touch was inconsequential, her touch was life changing!

Jesus knew he had been touched, "for I percieve that virtue is gone out of me."  The word "virtue" is a word that embraces strength and might.  The Greek word is translated "power" 77 of the 120 times it is used in the New Testament.  Power had been transfered to the woman to meet her need.

All of the other people who were touching Jesus drew no power from him.  It is not the casual touch that transfers power.  If we are to know the power of Christ in our lives we must reach out and touch him with purpose and faith.  We dare not be satisified with the casual touch!

And let it be known if we are reaching out to touch with purpose and faith and only mange to reach the hem of his garment we will find it is enough to change our lives and set us apart from the crowd.
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