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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Never Heard A Warning

From C. H. Spurgeon's message, The Sinner's Refuge.

"A member of my church said to me lately, 'I heard such a one preach; a sound doctrine man he is called.  I heard him preach for nine years, attending the theater all the time.  I could curse, I could swear, I could sin, and I never heard a warning from that man's lips the whole nine years.'  Ah! my God, my God, let this world hiss me; let me wear the coat that sparkleth, and the cap that garnisheth a fool.  Let earth condemn me, and let the fools of the universe spurn me; but free me from the blood of my hearers."

May God always give his ministers courage to, "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, . . . ."  May the unpleasant and lonely task of being a watchman be rewarded with the joy of seeing men flee to Christ for deliverance!
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