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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Heritage Of Herod

The following is from a sermon preached by C. H. Spurgeon about Herod entitled, That Fox.

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"I conclude by showing you very sorrowful what became of Herod.  With all his good points he ended most wretchedly.  First, he slew the preacher whom he once respected.  It was he who did it, though the executioner was the instrument.  He said, "Go and fetch John the Baptist's head in a charger."  So it has happened with many hopeful hearers; they have become slanderers and persecutors of the very preachers before whom they once trembled, and far as they could they have taken off their heads.  After a time men dislike being rebuked, and they proceed in their dislike till they scoff at the things they once reverenced, and make the name of Christ a football for their jests.  Beware!  I pray you, beware! for the way of sin is downhill.  Herod feared John, and yet he beheaded him.  A person may be evangelical  . . . and yet, if he is placed under certain conditions, he may become a hater and a persecutor of the truth he once avowed."
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