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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How The Apostates Do It

The following is from a message by C. H. Spurgeon entitled, Judas: The Betrayal

"Judas betrayed his Master with a kiss.  That is how most apostates do it; it is always with a kiss.  Did you ever read an infidel book in your life which did not begin with a profound respect for the truth?  I never have.  Even modern ones, when bishops write them, always begin like that.  They betray the Son of man with a kiss.  Did you ever read a book of bitter controversy which did not begin with such a sickly lot of humility, such sugar, such butter, such golden syrup, such everything sweet and soft, that you said, 'There is sure to be something bad here, for when people begin so softly and sweetly, so humbly and so smoothly - depend upon it - they have rank hatred in their hearts.'  The most devout-looking people are often the most hypocritical in the world."
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