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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Don't Understand

It is easy to be the kind of person that reads something in the Bible and to dismiss it in an off-handed way because it just does not make sense.  I don't understand why I should not be permitted to do a certain thing; or, I don't know why I must do a certain thing.  I don't understand why this or that is important.

There are lots of reason why we may not understand something.  Our prejudices, our personal experiences, our ancestry, our lack of knowledge can all contribute to a lack of understanding.  Sometimes it is as simple as we do not want to understand.  Understanding brings responsibility.  Responsibility creates accountability.  Accountability brings us face to face with a day of reckoning!

Refusing to understand does not diminish accountability.  What we should know we will be responsible for knowing.  When it comes to Bible truth and especially how we should live it is important to understand one of the primary components of understanding:  Obedience.  That's right, if we hope to understand we have to be willing to obey!

Psalms 111:10 provides us with this foundational principle of understanding.

". . . . a good understanding have all they that do his commandments."

Human nature wants to understand what it is to do.  God want us to do what we may not understand.  Having obeyed we will be blessed with the understanding.  The fact is some things in the spiritual world only make sense after we do them.

As long as we insist on understanding before we obey we can never have any real hope of understanding.  This is the reason so many Christians find themselves in a vicious cycle of mediocre living.  They have no passion, or sense of daring.  Their only commitment is to be different from their fathers before them but not different from the world around them!

We have raised a generation of practical atheist.  They say they believe the bible but they live like the world around them???  The decline was commenced when we began to insist on understanding before we obey.  Because we elevated understanding above obedience we will never understand and we will likely continue to more closely reflect the world around us than the bible we profess to believe.

We have robbed ourselves of the adventure of being a follower of Christ.

We have exchanged the scripture admonition of "the just shall live by faith" for the human philosophy of "the smart believe only what they can understand".  Which, by the way, tends to be very little!

It is time to raise a tribe of people who will not be afraid to march around Jericho, not because they understand but because they are committed to obeying.
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