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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spiritual Remedies For Spiritual Problems

"The solution to life's problems is spiritual because the essence of life is spiritual.  It is astonishing how many difficulties clear up without any effort when the inner life gets straightened out.  If half the time we spend trying to fix up outward things were spent in getting our hearts right, we would be delighted with the result.  Strange as it may seem, harmony within our own hearts depends mostly upon our getting into harmony with God.  Morning comes not by our pushing out the darkness but by waiting for the coming of the sun.

Church difficulties are spiritual also and admit of a spiritual answer.  Whatever may be wrong in the life of any church may be cleared up by recognizing the quality of the trouble and dealing with it at the root.  Prayer, humility and a generous application of the Spirit of Christ will cure just about any disease in the body of believers.  Yet this is usually the last thing we think about when difficulties arise.  We often attempt to cure spiritual ills with carnal medicines, and the results are more than disappointing."

A. W. Tozer
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