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Friday, August 03, 2012

Homosexuality Is Sin!

There I said it with an exclamation point.  I have taken the bait, I am officially a hater, a bigot, and homophobic.  If I ever decide to run for President the title and words of this post will come back to haunt me, but it is a chance I am willing to take.  For anyone in my congregation who may decide to run for President this blog title and the words of this blog will come back to haunt you; I am sorry!

I have read and watched with interest the commotion generated by Dan Cathy's statement in support of biblical marriage and family.  And yes I did show up at our local Chick-Fil-A to show my support.  This was quite a step for me.  I don't generally engage in boycotts.  But this was different.  It was an opportunity to support something.  I have never been a big fan of Chick-Fil-A, I think I have been twice before this past Wednesday.  It was good, but kind of expensive in my world.  I ate there mainly because Mr. Cathy stated his beliefs in an interview and then when a ruckus arose surrounding the comments he stood by them.  This was refreshing in a culture where "christian" leaders are often sent running for the hills for stating a biblical position on a cultural issue.

I have read with interest the things that have been posted on facebook and the comments.  I have read at least a couple of articles/blog posts directed at the christian response to the homosexual community.  It is always a bit surprising to me when people are shocked to find people in this country who believe the bible and have the audacity to apply their biblical worldview to cultural issues.  The reality is that just a few decades ago most people were in agreement on these issues.  I realize this is one of the arguments for letting up or mellowing the tone.  The times have changed.  We live in a different age.  Yes, we do.  Some would say, myself included a Godless age.  I guess the culture is uncomfortable with those that hold out, don't buy in, happen to believe that while the culture changes the Bible does not.  Is morality really that transient?

It just does not make sense to accuse someone of hate, or bigotry, or homophobia for stating their belief that homosexuality is wrong, and yes a sin, and yes even an abomination.  If I say murder is wrong, a sin, does that make me a hater, or a bigot, or does it mean that I have a phobia related to murderers?  If I say stealing is wrong, a sin, does that make me a hater, or a bigot, or that I have a phobia related to thieves?  If I say lying is wrong, a sin, does that make me a hater, or a bigot, or that I have a phobia related to liars?  You say well those things are wrong and involve choice.  A couple of things.  1.  Homosexuality also involves choice.  2.  Why are those things wrong?  What ever answer you provide as proof that those things are wrong I am going to ask you who says?  On whose authority are murder, stealing, and lying wrong?  Whether you admit it or not it comes back to a moral code that has its origins in a God that has moral character.  The same one who tells us that murder, stealing and lying is wrong also tells us that homosexuality is wrong.  These things are sin.  Homosexuality is classified as an abomination.  We all know in our own hearts these things are wrong.  We can sin against conscience to the point where it becomes seared and we lose our moral compass.  But just because we lose our moral compass does not mean the moral standard has changed it just means we can't find it anymore.  A rather dangerous place to be.  A simply anatomy lesson should raise questions about homosexuality.

I have seen in several places those who have either directly or by insinuation complained that Christians stand against homosexuality while giving adultery, fornication, gluttony, pornography, and other sins a pass.  I am sure there are some out there who do this.  But most people that I know are equal opportunity condemners when it comes to sin!  No prejudice here, we are against all those things.  Is it even logical to think there are people who condemn homosexuality and not these other transgressions?  The recent uproar was not created by Christians but by government officials who picked up Mr. Cathy's sober answer and tried to make political hay with it.  If the Mayor of Boston had not grandstanded the issue it is unlikely that much at all would have come from this.  I believe Mr. Cathy actually said he was for the biblical proposition of one man and one woman for life.  This actually makes him a hater of fornicators and adulterers as well according to the reasoning of some.  It was the politicians who focused the attention on only one perversion of God's plan.  That became the question, the legitimacy of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle.  Not because of Mr. Cathy's answer but because of the politicians who involved themselves.

There has also been this insinuation that if you have any sin then you should not be condemning homosexuality?  Well, there has only been one sinless man that ever lived and he died for our sin (every one's and all of it, even homosexuality).  He was perfect and they killed him!  God's word condemns sin.  In the bible Prophets, Priests, Kings, Apostles, and Preachers condemned sin.  Not because they were perfect but because they were called of God to proclaim his truth.  If only sinless people can condemn sin then no one can.  Even a casual reading of the bible would dispel such a notion.  We have an inspired record of God using imperfect men to condemn the sins of their generation.  The failure to do so is not tolerance it is cowardice.

I have also seen in several places a subtle attempt at moral equivalency.  You condemn homosexuality but you have been guilt of some other sin.  Let me just say that any sin and just one of them is enough to secure a reservation in hell for eternity.  But, that does not translate into moral equivalency.  God tells us numerous things to do and things not to do.  The Bible condemns drunkenness, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, lying, stealing, gluttony, idolatry, covetousness, incest, sorcery, etc . . . .  But some of these things merit the special disapprobation of God.  Some sins are categorized as an abomination.  Homosexuality is one of these.  Homosexuality is an abomination.  Two cities were destroyed in the Old Testament because of the acceptance of this sin, Sodom and Gomorrah.  Thus the term sodomite, sodomy, etc. . .  Romans chapter one identifies homosexuality as the lowest point of human depravity.  This is a sin that is deserving of condemnation!

I have worked with and for homosexuals.  I have had homosexuals visit in my church and have interacted with them on a few other occasions as well.  I have always treated them kindly and respectfully.  Just as I have the fornicators, and adulterers, and liars, and thieves, and idolaters, and drunkards, and gluttons, and child molesters, and hypocrites, and well, just men and women in general.  They did not ask me what I thought about their lifestyle and I did not volunteer the information, they probably already knew.  If they had asked me I would answer them truthfully, just as I would any other inquisitive person.

Many people came to Mr. Cathy's defense.  People did so for many different reasons.  A good number did because they agreed with the sentiments he expressed.  Yet in standing with his sentiments they often seem to do so in a way that said, Homosexuality is not that bad but I do agree with Mr. Cathy.   Or, Homosexuality is no worse than anything else you could do, but I think marriage should be between a man and a woman.   There seems to be an underlying fear of roundly condemning behavior that the bible so unmistakably condemns in the darkest and most threatening of terms both by precept and precedent.  People are not responding to the appeal of grace because the thunder of law has been muted.  The glories of Calvary are not fully appreciated because the voice from Sinai has been silenced.  The important question is not about where the next Chick-Fil-A is going to be located but where are the souls of our friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and family members going to be located in eternity?  In a world that grows increasingly dark we must fan the flame of Sinai in order to light the way to the sinners only hope, Jesus dying on a cross for their sin!