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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Error Free Living

MARK 12:18-27

This life is filled with choices.  With every choice comes the potential for tragedy or triumph!  There are some big choices that set the tone for our lives and there are a whole lot of small choices whose cumulative effect can also set the tone for our lives.  One does so in an instant and the other over time.                  

Some decisions we have time to weigh and seek counsel others have to be made immediately.  Some of our choices are the result of other choices that we have made.  Bad decisions often times lead to a set of bad choices.  Some of our choices are the result of choices others make.

What if I could give you two things that would enable you to achieve error free living?  The effectiveness of these two principals will be completely based upon our commitment and faithfulness in applying them.  If we choose to ignore one or both then we should have no expectation of achieving error free living.  Does that sound too good to be true?

OK, let’s take it down a notch.  Accounting for our frailty what if I could give you two principles that would enable you to be practically error free in your decision making.  You would get it right most of the time and with respect to big decisions you had time to weigh you would never blow it.

The principals are fail-proof!  Any failure experienced would be in us and not the principals.  They work every time, for every person, in all places, and in all circumstances.  There is not time they will not work.  There is no person for whom they will not work.  There is no where they will not work.  There are no circumstances in which they will not work.

The two principals are in the passage we read.

The Sadducees, like the Pharisees were opposed to Jesus, but they were also opposed to each other.  One of their points of contention with each other was over the resurrection.  The Pharisees believed in the resurrection of the dead the Sadducees did not (this is why they were so sad-u-see).

In the passage before us the Sadducees attempted to create an absurdity.  Their purpose was to expose the kind of problems that would exist should men be resurrected from the dead, thus calling the whole premise into question.  In other words, their argument runs, thusly: The resurrection cannot be true because of the dilemmas it would create in the after-life.

Jesus said they erred!  He cited two reasons for their error.  1.  They did not know the Scriptures.  2.  They did not know the power of God.

In verse 25 Jesus answers their absurdity.  In the after-life there is no marriage relationship that ends with the resurrection.  They assume men and women would still be married in the next life with no support in scripture for such a position.  They did not know the scripture.  When it comes to knowing the Scripture it is as important to know what it does not say as to know what it does say.

In verses 26 and 27 Jesus answers their unbelief about the resurrection.  Have ye not read?  They surely had!  So they knew!  They did not believe what they had read.  They did not know the power of God.  They knew what the Scripture said, but they did not believe what it said, because they did not know the power of God.  Jesus said, “Ye therefore greatly err.”

They had erred because they knew not the Scripture.  They had erred because they believed not the Scripture (the power of God).  Had they known the Scripture and the power of God (believed the Scripture) they would not have erred.

If we don’t know what the Bible says we are likely to err!
If we don’t believe what the Bible says we are likely to err!

If we want to enjoy error free living then we must do these two simple things.

Know the Scripture!
Believe the Scripture!

May I suggest to you this morning that far too often God’s people are uncommitted to the Book!  In a day when the lives of believers are often in as much disarray as the world around them the explanation is simple: they err not knowing the Scripture neither the power of God!

How many of us could Jesus come to today and say, “Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God.”
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